All of our systems are fully certified for use in North America.

Ocean Clear L.E.D. Solutions

Come see us at the 2013 Dream Lottery home in Pinery Bluffs Grand Bend! We are pleased to have the opportunity to work with Rod Nicholson and Nicholson Builders Inc. to showcase some of the most energy efficient lighting products available.
Dream Home 2013

Ocean Clear Lighting Products are the result of an extensive 3 year research and development program.  Our objective was to produce lighting products that would be the most energy efficient, greenest environmentally, without sacrificing the amount, quality or distribution of the light produced.  All of us at Ocean Clear L.E.D. Solutions are very excited and proud to introduce our current line of interior lighting products.

The old saying “There’s strength in numbers” is what lead us to our current design.  The GU10 model is designed with an array of light emitting diodes rather than 1 large one.  The result is a more even and wider spread of light.

Our Par 20 model built with the same design principles as our GU10, producing an unmatched 120° spread of light, eliminating the spot light effect.  All of this with while only consuming 3 watts of electricity, yet providing the equivalent light as a 50 watt halogen.

Ocean Clear Par 30 & 38 models are the big brothers to the Par 20 and GU10, built with the same principle giving you the same results as our other models while consuming only 4 watts of electricity!
Ocean Clear has developed this line utilizing full glass bodied bulbs, free from unsightly large aluminum components, making our products the greenest to produce and operate.

Our full line of residential bulbs has been tested to CSA, and cUL safety standards for North America, and has met these requirements.  Our products are also RoHS certified; eliminates mercury and eliminates U.V. or infrared radiation.  As well, our products are 100% recyclable and have a life expectancy of up to 50,000 hours.

All models are available in Warm White, Natural White, or Pure White, and operate at a “cool” 85°F. With safety and satisfaction being our goal, we are proud to say it is a goal which we have achieved with great success!