All of our systems are fully certified for use in North America.

Why L.E.D. Lighting?

Quality of Light
Lighting is the key factor in comfort and aesthetics of every environment. Before the dawn of today's L.E.D. technology, aesthetics and comfort was compromised with other "energy savings lights". Ocean Clear L.E.D.'s produce a crisp clean light without the harsh glare associated with typical light sources. Comfort was altered with how other "energy saving lights" are slow to start up and even slower in cold places.

Environmentally Responsible

All Ocean Clear L.E.D. products are RoHS certified, free of harmful mercury, ultraviolet and infrared radiation. Combine this with a life expectancy of 50,000 hours, (incandescent 1000hrs, halogen 2500hrs, CFL 10,000hrs.), we are reducing the amount of chemicals and packaging heading to our landfills.

Big Energy Savings
Best of all, in a time of rising energy prices, you can save 80% or more on your lighting energy compared to halogen lights. At first you may be surprised at the initial cost of L.E.D. lights. When you look closer, you understand how inexpensive they really are! Depending on how many hours per day your lights are on, you can recoup the cost in 12-18 months. In addition to replacement savings you can also enjoy many more years of trouble free efficient lighting.

Save on Bulb Replacement Costs Too
The energy savings alone make a compelling enough case for L.E.D. lighting, replacing a 50 watt halogen light with our 3 watt L.E.D. equivalent is a huge savings. However, when you factor in the long life of our lights, the picture gets even brighter. On average, you'd have to buy 18 halogen lights during the life of a single Ocean Clear light! The cost of replacement bulbs alone pays for the L.E.D. bulb over it's lifetime, AND you get huge energy savings as well.

Below is our 40W warm white L.E.D. warehouse lamp, on the right is the original 500W incandescent.
There are 12 lamps total for this project with a savings of 460W per lamp, per minute, per day, per year!
Our warm white spectrum is considered the most comfortable for ambiance conditions. Our natural white and cool white spectrum is most suitable for working conditions where enhanced lighting is preferred.